How to Maximize Your Small Space

Maximizing your small spaces is no easy task. That said, you can come up with creative ways to get your home the space it needs. It might take some creative thinking on your part, but it is possible to create a great space with no clutter.

Go Vertical
Wall space is great real estate to utilize in small spaces. If your home office is starting to look more like a paper mill than an office, think about hanging a few shelves. Finding fun storage bins to stack on shelves can add color to the room, and hide all the paper you have accumulated.

Hidden Bed Space
Storage under your bed is a wonderful way to utilize unused space in small house plans. Finding storage bins that roll easily under your bed is a great alternative to unused space. You can also find a bed frame with built in storage if you would rather do that. Another option is to raise your bed and find decorative baskets to store items in.

Turn a Bookcase into a ‘Secret’ Closet

Draping a window treatment or decorative fabric over a bookcase turns a simple bookcase into a closet. The fabric hides the clutter from view and adds a pop of color to the room. A win-win.

Get Decorative with Storage Bins
Long gone are the days of ugly, bulky plastic storage bins. You can now find great looking storage bins that let you store things in plain site. These bins can be used under end tables, shelves or even on the floor in your house plan.

Organize the Kitchen
Organizing any space, not just the kitchen frees up more space automatically. If you have many cleaning supplies and other things under your kitchen sink, it’s time to get organized. Invest in a rack to put under your sink. This will allow you to organize your items easily, and open up the space for other things.

Multi-purpose Furniture
If all else fails, make your furniture pull double duty. There are plenty of ways to do this. Ottomans can double as a small storage unit, you can also put creative storage bins under your coffee table to add color and storage.

In the end the choice comes down to creativity. A bookshelf might not just be for books, the wall can double as a handy place to store things and your bed is there for more than just sleep.

Author Christine Cooney blogs about home plans over at, where you can shop thousands of custom home plans direct from the designers.

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Choosing Double Bathroom Vanities for the Home

Discount bathroom vanity cabinets are indisputable essentials for anyone’s bathroom; consequently, they need to be the one key element which creates that ultimate combination of function and appropriate looks. For people who aren’t in the know, these factors are a challenging barrier. Fortunately, we can take you through issues such as design and volume— meaning you’ll end up with precisely the very look you desire, inasmuch as it comes to vanity cabinets. Usually, a bathroom vanity will achieve roughly twenty nine to thirty inches tall. Consequently they’re simple to use for toddlers. The past couple of years have seen a trend, however, to design them fully thirty six in. tall. In modern times some are built with two different heights to provide comfort no matter what your size may be. Both width and length can be customized completely. These cabinets are manufactured in many possible shapes. After determining the amount of space you actually have, you could choose a dual sink cabinet — up to eighty five inches wide — or a single — as little as 20 inches.

Afterward, you should decide what type of sink will complement your home. Metal with a ceramic coating is the material in widest use. Available in any shape and in many colors, they’re hard-wearing. Ornamental clay sinks are wonderful, but as they are so fragile, we can’t suggest them for regular use.

One other delicate but attractive possibility is glass. As a rule these are removable, fitting into the vanity’s sink recess or resting easily wherever’s convenient, depending upon your choice. They will of course break or shatter if something is dropped on them. Melamine covered or varnished vanities are not too costly and can be wiped clean. Hardwood vanity cabinets are astonishingly popular and come in different colors, species, styles, and textures. You might prefer a black walnut vanity in a smart design while some alternatives might be, for example, pine for that rustic atmosphere or an antique replica crafted from birch or maple. To provide much desired increased decoration as well as storage space, you’ll see styles boasting either many drawers or cupboard doors.

Ok, so, these may not be major things; a minor change but one that can transform a merely required room into a homely one. You must get this right so your bathroom remains a place you’re comfortable with every day. What it all comes down to is that you should consider all of the issues we’ve examined which will be perfect for whatever it may be that you have a need for.

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The Secret behind Antique Bathroom Vanities

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You’re bound to look at everything in your bathroom more often than you’d think at first. Everything in there will have to to function properly, but additionally, every item simply shouldn’t be crudely built. To the layman, questions like these are a challenging barrier. Fortunately, the following piece was penned to take you through matters like capacity and design and more — in order that you’ll assemble exactly the very look required . Normally, your bathroom vanity cabinet will have a height of circa 2.5 feet. Thus, access won’t be a difficulty for kids. Recently we’ve seen a trend, however, to supply them a full 3 feet tall. You can buy cabinets these days which ensure that youngsters and adults alike properly accomodated by employing dual-tier designs.

Width and length can be customized completely. They are manufactured in several possible sizes. Cabinets supporting double-sinks might be as wide as seven feet while single bathroom vanities might be as slim as twenty inches. Afterward, you have to ask yourself the sink material that will suit your home. Typically, decorators select metal under a ceramic coat. Sinks like these are long-lasting, manufactured in a substantial range of designs, and you can buy them in many different colors. Decorative clay sinks are wonderful, but due to their fragility, we can’t recommend them for constant use. The glass vessels are also breakable though they do boast the extra upside of giving you the potential to place them on a surface like a washbasin or drop them in the recessed counter top. They will naturally break if you drop something on them. Don’t forget a melamine coat, to keep your vanity unsullied without breaking the bank. Hardwood cabinetry is highly popular, coming in a myriad of colors, species, styles, and textures. You might choose a black walnut creation in a sleek fashionable design while some alternatives might be: pine for that countrified ambiance or vintage model crafted from birch or maple.

Bathroom vanities will also provide a number of drawers accessible from the front or have carefully made hatches to hide away whatever you want.

And there you have it — a basic upgrade but all the difference between a mere essential facility and a pleasant one. Choose a variant that doesn’t suit, however, and the room quickly becomes a difficult and uncomfortable space. In order to get the best out of your bathroom, consider the choices discussed above and choose the ones that work for your home.

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Selecting Discount Bathroom Vanity Cupboards for the Home

You’ll see each and every aspect of your bathroom countless times a day. Everything in there should work smoothly, but at the same time, every item simply must look good. For people who aren’t in the know, these factors can present a scary barrier. Fortunately, we can take you through factors such as capacity etc. — in order that you’ll end up with precisely the very esthetic you picked out for your bathroom, at least when it comes to vanities. Your vanity will have a height of around two and a half feet. Therefore, using them won’t be a problem for toddlers. We should note that the majority of apartments not designed for young families and their children boast cabinetry standing thirty-six inches tall. On the market now you’ll find cabinets guaranteeing that youngsters and adults alike encounter no problems by employing split level designs. And you can adjust more than simply the height, permitting a range of forms. Cabinets containing double-sinks can measure as wide as 7 feet while single sink bathroom vanities fit in spaces as slim as twenty inches.

Time now to consider what kind of sink you want. In the majority of cases, people favor a ceramic-on-metal sink. Available in numerous shapes and in many colors, they’re robust. Clay is another possibility — a substance which makes for a wonderful appearance — but you should know, it’s not very resilient.

Glass vessel sinks are also brittle although they boast a further benefit, the option to sit them as if they were washbowls or settle them in their place in the surface. Just have a care not to drop things on them to avoid breakages.

Melamine coated or varnished vanity cabinets are easy to keep clean and low priced. You’ll discover that the cabinets made using hardwoods have real appeal, in all styles, colors, textures, and species. Perhaps you’ll look for a sleek modern cabinet in black walnut but there’s always pine for that rustic atmosphere or an antique model made of birch or maple. Bathroom cabinets will boast tiered drawers across the front or have carefully designed doors for storage.

There you have it: a basic change but all the difference between a necessary room and a beautiful one. Employ a model that doesn’t suit, though, and the room swiftly turns into an awkward and uncomfortable space. In order to get the best results, examine possibilities and settle on what works for your home.

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